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Who's Showing Off Today?

By: Sandra Nelson


Revered for their fall color, the maples are putting on quite a fall show of color here in the Midwest. 



Although many of the varieties of maples on the market today originated in Asia, there are about 12 varieties that are native to the United States, with the familiar sugar (rock) maple being the most common.  Depending on the specific variety, some maples can reach a mature height in excess of 90 height, but most remain at about 60 to 75 feet. Maples do tolerate a partially shaded environment, but prefer living in the full sun. They like a fertile and moist but well-drained soil, but will also tolerate some drought conditions and hold up well to city pollution. 


Maples bloom with inconspicuous greenish-yellow flowers in April and May, have medium to dark green leaves throughout the summer and then produce pairs of winged seeds that mature in September and October. Their finale comes as their leaves turn brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red, adding dramatic color to the landscape.