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December 2019

Holly Takes Center Stage

Lauded now as a classic holiday decoration, holly is actually so much more.It not only offers a link to the past but also adds beauty and functionality to the present. 

Who's Showing Off Today?

Although most people probably consider poinsettias to be the ultimate Christmas time flowering plant, the Christmas cactus is definitely a show-stopper.

 Gifts for Discriminating Gardeners 2019

    Beyond the Ordinary       We’ve searched the internet and found lots of lists of gifts for gardeners. They’re great lists full of the usual suggestions — gardening gloves and tools, gift certificates and houseplants. Not quite satisfied, we put together our own list. These are the things we’d love to find …

Who's Showing Off Today?

  Impressive 6 to 8 foot arching stems topped by feathery silver blooms makes Maiden Grass a wintertime favorite.     Easily grown in a wide range of soil types (from sandy soil to heavy clay), this ornamental grass prefers full sun and moderate moisture. It’s clump formation expands slowly by rhizomes, but it can self-seed …

Battling the Ice Storm

  My husband and I have a sacred winter tradition. We wait until the first ice/ snow storm begins and then we rush to our local hardware store to buy ice melt (and usually a new snow shovel ).This year was no exception. As the first raindrops were falling and temperatures were plummeting, we headed …

Who's Showing Off Today?

Truly a wintertime beauty, Little Bluestem adds appealing color and form to the sometimes bleak winter months.     Native to prairies across the continent, Little Bluestem is easy to grow in well-drained, full sun locations. It does well in a variety of soil types, including dry, shallow, rocky or even clay soils.Typically growing to …