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Love It or Leave It? The Lawn Debate Continues

According to NASA’s latest satellite pictures, the United States currently boasts 49,000 square miles of lawn area. That’s larger than the entire state of Mississippi and the nation’s single-most irrigated “crop.”  It’s also one of the most expensive, costing Americans roughly 76 billion dollars a year and 14 hours a week to maintain. But, where did this obsession with a lush, green lawn originate?

Add Warmth to Your Life with a New Fire Pit

As summer ends and fall approaches, many people wistfully retreat indoors convinced that opportunities for gathering together and enjoying the outdoors are over until next year.  

The truth is just because the days are getting shorter and the temperatures colder, sharing times together in the outdoors doesn’t need to end. Professional landscaping can create a space that provides the perfect gathering spot for this special time of year.

The Play of Light and Shadow

One of the aspects of the season that I have especially come to love is winter’s light and shadow. The quality of light is different in the winter. It’s less intense, softer and more diffused. 

Sitting Pretty -- On The Perfect Paver Patio

  By Sandra Nelson  

July 1959 was an exciting time for my family; It was the year that my father made his mark on our neighborhood. He became a local celebrity by turning our backyard into what was then considered a lavish outdoor living space. Fired up by pictures he saw in magazines, my …

Low Maintenance Landscaping

By Sandra Nelson  

As much as I love gardening, I absolutely HATE the mindless, time-consuming and oftentimes expensive routine maintenance chores involved in taking care of a traditionally landscaped yard.  Rather than a place to relax and unwind, the idealized suburban landscape of perfectly manicured turf, neatly edged walkways and precisely pruned shrubs can easily …

A Tropical Paradise  --  Outside the Tropics

  By Sandra Nelson

  Lush, vibrant, idyllic.  —  A place to kick back and relax in luscious, green surroundings. . The gentle murmur of falling water and the perfumed fragrances of summer flowers   —  the perfect vacation spot, but in your own backyard! The key to creating this personal tropical paradise  —  no …

Visit A Tropical Paradise -- In Your Own Backyard

By Sandra Nelson   If a trip to the tropics isn’t in the plan this summer, why not create a tropical paradise in your own backyard? Using these 7 design tips from the experts, you can have the perfect place to relax and unwind.       KEEP IT LUSH  The idea of a lush …

Designing A Border That Delights

By Sandra Nelson   As much as I love plants and gardening, I have always felt that my gardens were  — to put it bluntly — markedly mediocre. The individual plants were lovely, but somehow they just didn’t fit together to make the dramatic impact I dreamed of. So, with all of the extra time …