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May 2023

Getting the Most From Your Design Consultation

Dan Nelson and his talented staff at Embassy Landscape Group have been designing and installing award-winning landscapes for over 50 years. While I stand in awe of their abilities to see the potential for beauty in an unfinished space, I have also seen the extensive benefits a savvy client adds to the process. To make sure that you get the most from your design consultation, here are some elements to consider before you meet. 

Landscape Architect or Designer -- Which Do I Need?

Now that Spring is firmly within reach, it is my signal to take my wintertime garden dreams and turn them into realistic plans that I can actually achieve. Through the years however, I have learned that I usually need help in designing and installing my major landscaping projects. Too many times I have either found that what I envisioned in my mind did not really translate well in my yard and I needed someone to help me fix it, or I was totally overwhelmed and out of my depth when I started planting and needed someone to install it. This year, since I am dealing with both renovating parts of an existing front landscape and creating an entirely new backyard environment, I decided to work with a professional.