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  • Embassy delivers a consistent and dependable service and is responsive to clients’ needs. We have been very satisfied with the quality of their work. They offer the kind of dependable service that any facility manager would want. 

  • It is a pleasure working with the landscaping professionals at Embassy. They always seem to be ahead of our maintenance needs. Their management of the total landscape, not just the lawns, clearly differentiates Embassy from their competitors. They are real professionals, and we trust them to keep our properties looking their best year around.

  • Embassy Landscape Group always provides great customer service to both us and our tenants. We value our relationship with Embassy Landscape Group.

  • My sincere thanks for your dedication and commitment to making the grounds improvements as perfect as they are. Your work resulted in a terrific presentation for our very important guests this past weekend. You understood and took to heart the significance of this event to our organization and went over and above the call of duty. It is quite obvious that you have pride in your work.

  • Sometimes it is difficult to get a strong and dependable subcontractor like Embassy to fit a tight budget. But when I can, at the Legends for example, it is a great feeling to know that it will be done right the first time and on schedule!

  • Thanks to Embassy Landscape Group for their extremely helpful donation of stones for the garden. They are also donating some wonderful, ecologically smart compost socks to prevent erosion of the freshly dug soil. Thanks for providing us with these essential materials to make this garden possible. Because of the donations we have so generously received, we will have the native plants for Planting Day.

  • Thanks to you and your crew for the excellent job in getting the huge amount of snow cleared from our lots and sidewalks. We greatly appreciate having adequate parking spots and a clear, safe route in and out of the building. I know this “blizzard” forced a lot of stress and long hours on your staff.