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Who's Showing Off Today?

By: Sandra Nelson


Serviceberry trees are putting on quite a show right now.



These easy to grow native trees are show stoppers in all four seasons! In early spring —  March and April  —  they feature gorgeous white blooms that add  soft, pleasant fragrance to the air. Summer means delicate green leaves and a crop of edible (for both birds and people) dark purple berries. Serviceberries offer spectacular reddish-orange fall color and then, as their leaves fall, interesting bark patterns throughout the winter months.


A relatively small tree, typically no more than 25 feet in height, serviceberry does well in full to part sun. It prefers a slightly acidic soil, will tolerate both dry and wet conditions and has no serious insect or disease problems. Serviceberry is beautiful in naturalized, massed settings and is outstanding next to dark backgrounds that highlight the white spring blooms.




Photo from Oregon State University