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What’s In Bloom Today?

By: Sandra Nelson

The pink Missouri Primrose is in bloom here in Kansas City.




This tough little native perennial, also known as pink ladies, eagerly rambles over tough terrain and rewards you with masses of fragrant flowers that begin as white blooms and gradually change to pink, blossoming profusely from early to mid-summer. This primrose loves the full sun and can flourish even in dry conditions. Not fussy about soil type, tolerating even rocky soil, Missouri primrose does like a well-drained location. It spreads by both rhizomes and self-seeding so it is excellent as a ground cover.  Since it is shallow rooted, young plants are readily pulled, making it easy to control. Not an absolute favorite of deer, they tend to avoid it, but will snack on the young, tender plants and older foliage if more palatable food is not available.