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What's In Bloom Today?

By: Sandra Nelson


Being totally honest, we have to admit that Staghorn sumac isn’t really blooming, but it is flaunting its colors.





Often showing yellow, orange and red foliage on the same bush, Staghorn sumac is named for the velvety appearance of its stunning young branchlets. It has a strong, open form, often reaching 25 – 30 feet wide. It naturalizes easily by self-seeding and by root suckering. Sumac tolerates a wide range of moisture levels and soil types, but does need to be in a well-drained location. Sumac prefers full sun, but also does well in partial shade. An excellent urban species, Staghorn is a true four season shrub, featuring bright green leaves in the spring, greenish-yellow flowers in the summer, dramatic fall foliage and red berries into the winter.