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Stachys "Hummelo:" A Must Have For Your Garden

By: Sandra Nelson

By Sandra Nelson


This week’s pick is by Dan Nelson, Lead Designer


Stachys ‘Hummelo’


“The 2019 Perennial Plant Association’s Plant of the Year, this is a great plant  for the perennial bed and as a ground cover. “


Photo Credit: Walter’s Gardens


Largely undiscovered by today’s homeowners, Stachys ‘Hummelo’ is a true “Must Have.”  An easy to grow ground cover for full sun to partly shaded areas (especially in hot, humid areas), this species of Stachys, commonly called Betony, is adaptable to a range of soil qualities, but does need a moist,well-drained location. Mature plants will tolerate some drought conditions. It spreads easily on creeping stems called stolons to form a dense, 18 to 24 inch high ground cover.  Beginning in late spring and continuing into mid-summer, ‘Hummelo’ showcases masses of showy pinkish-purple flower stalks standing 12 inches above its dappled green foliage.


Photo credit: Walter’s Gardens


Truly spectacular as a massed bed, this variety also works well in containers and as a border planting. It is deer and rabbit resistant and the blooms attract many pollinators. The blossoms also make excellent cut flowers. It pairs well yellow and red coreopsis, dark blue salvias and with Fountain grass. Plants can be divided very three to four years. In a mild winter, the foliage can remain evergreen.

Zones: 4  –  8