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Pretty in Pink

By: Sandra Nelson

My granddaughter and I were browsing through some seed catalogs on Sunday when out of the blue she said “PINK “ in her tone that implies don’t argue with me. “Ok,” I agreed, we can try some pinks this year if you want. pinksThey probably won’t do too well with our soil, but maybe we can do a big pot full of them.”  “NO!  I want to plant all pink flowers this year.”  Considering that this child is as “ungirly” as you can get, the demand for only pink threw me, especially since I had my heart set on a burst of vibrant colors this year. But if Holly wants a pink garden, pink it will be!

Having a plethora of young granddaughters, when I hear the word pink, my mind immediately conjures up unicorns, princesses in sparkly tulle dresses and hair bows — lots of pink hair bows. When I think about the color, dead zinnias I see a light hue, one that will almost certainly fade in the bright sun, but also   won’t shimmer in the moonlight. More than anything I see a bed full of lackluster   pink zinnias getting tired and scraggly in our hot, dry summers. 

Realizing I was getting carried away by my own pink prejudice, I turned to some trusted experts for advice. The seasonal color and design staff at Embassy Landscape Group came through with a variety of top notch suggestions for pulling together a pink garden. abbyAbby Scott, the newest member of the design team, pointed out that using a variety of plants with different heights and textures will add another layer of beauty to a monochromatic garden. So, with their ideas in mind, I set out to find must-haves for a pink garden. While some options are familiar favorites, others surprised and delighted me. I’ve gathered the possibilities together in a powerpoint.

Click here to view.

It’s not a color I have ever even considered using in my back garden with its pea gravel pathways and blazing sun.  Now that I reconsider it, in the front, against the backdrop of our gray house, pink may just work. I guess Holly was right after all; pink it is!