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Plant A Grove: American Smoketree -- (Cotinus obvatus)




Grown as a small tree or a large shrub, the American smoketree is known for its unique summer appearance and glorious fall color. Smoketrees, which can reach heights of 30 feet,Ā  require full sun but will do well in any soil type, even clay, as long as the soil drains reasonably well. Smoketrees bloom in June, but the flowers themselves are just tiny greenish-yellow blossoms. It’s after the blooms fade that the tree comes into its own! Each bloom stalk has billowy hairs attached that turn from pink to purple throughout the summer, resembling wisps of smoke surrounding the tree. Then, in fall the green foliage turns a full range of autumn colors from yellow to orange to fiery red. The American smoketree makes a beautiful massed border or a striking accent plant. It is deer resistant.