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Invite An Insect: Black Swallowtail Butterfly

By: Sandra Nelson

Whether you are planting to attract butterflies, bees or a host of other native pollinators, finding out which specific plants are the best to include can be complicated. In order to help you design your pollinator garden, I have pulled together a list of some beneficial insects and their related plants. Look for “INVITE AN INSECT”  on Thursdays throughout the Spring planting season. If you have an insect about which you would like some information, please be sure and let me know. Looking forward to sharing with you!


Black Swallowtail Butterfly




One of spring’s very first butterflies to appear, the  Black Swallowtail Butterfly will grace the garden from early spring through late summer. Black Swallowtails love open areas and are seen in gardens, fields and marshy areas. They are the prime pollinators of azalea bushes.



Host Plants:  parsley, dill, carrots



Nectar Plants:  Joe Pye weed,  monarda,  milkweed, ironweed.