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Gifts for Gardeners -- 2018

Although my goal was to do the majority of my holiday shopping online this year, I couldn’t resist a trip or two to our local garden centers to see what they had to offer. Since several of my children and their spouses have turned into avid gardeners and I now have four grandchildren to indoctrinate into my way of life, gifts for the garden seem the perfect choice to me.  (If I could find a way to combine dinosaurs and gardening, then I know I would have them!)



Last year, I shared a list of 30 Great Gifts for Gardeners. I have to admit that those 30 ideas are still at the top of my list of suggestions, but this year my colleagues and I have added some new ones. We know we haven’t thought of all the possibilities, so we would love for our readers to add their suggestions. Hope to hear from you!




  • Membership in American Horticultural Society  — Free subscription to the society’s bimonthly publication and lots of discounts at gardens throughout the United States.
  • Calendar of Phenological Events  — Many states publish their own so the residents know what to expect in their own areas. (Missouri’s is gorgeous!)
  • Indoor herb gardens  — Nothing brightens up winter meals better than fresh cut herbs.
  • Indoor greenhouse  — A perfect environment for starting seeds and propagating plants
  • Membership in the National Audubon Society —  One year of Audubon magazine, discounts on bird related products and advice on building bird friendly habitats
  • Bamboo bee hotel  — Gives one of the most beneficial pollinators a safe place to rest.
  • Ankle length rubber welly boots  — Slip on convenience and non-skid soles for a comfortable and safe gardening experience in any weather.
  • Raised bed kits  — Include a promise to install and a gift certificate for the soil to fill them in the spring. The way to a gardener’s heart!
  • Indoor potting box  — The compulsion to garden doesn’t end with snow. A well equipped box lets gardening continue all year long.
  • Watering can  — Not just any watering can off of the big box store shelf! Look for the newly designed French watering cans that are designed for balance. Easy to carry and easy to pour. (Perfect for those gardeners with back issues.)
  • Doormats designed for gardeners  — Look for mats that have waterproof backings and raised edges to contain the water and mud that inevitably is tracked inside.
  • Subscription to mail-order bulb gardens  — What a joy to know that you’re giving your favorite gardener the excitement of watching bulbs sprout, grow and bloom all year long.
  • Rain barrel  — Using highly oxygenated rainwater instead of treated city water gives a boost to both gardens and lawns.
  • Gift certificate/ paper work for soil testing  — Knowing what the soil actually needs helps a garden flourish.  
  • Set of Adirondack chairs and footstools  — Even the most avid gardeners have to take a break now and then. Let them rest in comfort and style.
  • Gardener’s tote — carry all the tools at once  
  • Three sets of gardening gloves  — three different weights and fabrics;  all designed for specific uses
  • Potting bench with storage bins for soil and amendments
  • Garden shed JUST for the gardener — no sharing!
  • Rain gauges and attractive outdoor thermometers — include a promise to install
  • Wind chimes — gentle sounds to fill the garden
  • Set of striking outdoor pots — replace those worn, chipped ones
Ceramic pots are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors.
  • Gift certificate to a local garden center — fill all those pots and beds
  • Gift certificate to a mail order catalog — often a source for heirloom varieties not seen anywhere else
  • Set of garden tags — styles available for every taste
  • High quality garden hoses and water breakers with a programmable timer– nothing more annoying than kinked hoses and forgetting to turn the water off!
  • Fire pit — consider a fire and water bowl for a striking combination
  • Green wall structure — with a gift certificate to purchase the soil and plants
  • Set of garden lighting —  with professional installation to make it even easier Professionally designed fire pits and lighting add elegance to the landscape.
Professionally designed fire pits and lighting add elegance to the landscape.
  • Art piece — create a unique focal point
  • Fountain/ water feature — introduce tranquility into your landscape
  • Squirrel proof bird feeders — most gardeners love birds too!
  • A variety of premium bird seed — different types of seed brings different types of birds
  • Gift certificate for professional landscape design — the entire yard or a new feature area
  • Backyard design by Embassy Landscape Group.Specimen tree — either evergreen or deciduous
  • Hardscape project — a new patio or seating area
  • Stylish outdoor furniture — decorate that new patio
  • Composting bin with a drum that turns — include a counter top bucket for convenience, especially in winter
  • Subscription to a favorite gardening magazine — buy several individual copies and let the gardener decide[ Books and magazines can be invaluable resources for gardeners.
Books and magazines can be invaluable resources for gardeners.
  • Gardening book — either a “how to” or one exploring some of the newest landscaping philosophies
  • Annual pass to an arboretum or botanical garden — a truly all- season gift
St. Louis Botanical Garden
  • Fees for a horticultural class  — continuing education courses are often available through local colleges
  • Trip of a lifetime to renowned American gardens — educational and inspirational

Photo by Will Thomas

  • A year of Elite Maintenance by Embassy Landscape Group  — lawn maintenance and seasonal color included
  • High quality, ergonomically designed garden tools —  save those wrists and backs
Quality tools and gloves are a gardener's mainstay




  • Child-sized tools  — Purchase high quality tools that stand up to digging to avoid frustration.
  • Garden apron/ tote  — Help them learn to keep track of their tools
  • Pint-sized watering can  — More water will actually make it to the plants!
  • Raised bed kit  — Give them their own garden to plan, tend and harvest. Potatoes have been a child favorite here.
  • Ankle length welly boots  — Just like grandma’s!