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Doublefile Viburnum: A Must Have For Your Garden

By: Sandra Nelson

Featured image by David J Stang

By Sandra Nelson 


This week’s pick is by Dan Nelson, Lead Designer at Embassy Landscape Group


Doublefile Viburnum


Reminiscent of a dogwood tree, the doublefile virburnum, “Mariesii” is a true spring beauty.



Photo Credit: KENPEI


Like so many of the old-fashioned favorites, doublefile viburnum is staging a comeback in gardens around the world. This easy to grow deciduous shrub thrives in full sun to partial shade. It needs moist, average soil in well-drained, but somewhat protected location. Depending on the growing  conditions, doublefile viburnum Mariesii can reach 10 to 12 feet in height with a spread of up to 15 feet.


Photo Credit:David J. Stang


Especially known for its 4 to 6 inch showy white flowers which appear in late spring, Mariesii  also offers striking dark green foliage accented by attractive red berries in the summer and deep purple foliage in the fall. With its unique horizontal and layered shape, it makes a beautiful specimen planting on its own or as a seasonal focal point in a mixed border.


Photo Credit:David J. Stang


Like other virburnums, Mariesii is rarely bothered by pests or diseases. Any necessary pruning should be done immediately after flowering since blooms occur on the previous year’s wood. Make sure to water thoroughly and consistently during periods of drought. Although hardy to zone 5, Mariesii will occasionally die back to the ground during periods of extremely cold temperatures.


Mariesii  attracts both birds and butterflies.

Zones: 5 – 8