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Digging into Dirt: Nurturing the Soil

By: Sandra Nelson

In 1937, after witnessing the havoc and economic desperation that the Dust Bowl had wreaked on our nation, Franklin D Roosevelt sent a letter to all of the governors of the United States, asking them to oversee the adoption of legislation that would create soil conservation districts. In his letter, Roosevelt wrote, “The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.” His words, so appropriate to the time, still hold truth for us today. Because of our incomplete understanding of soil biology combined with incorrect and overuse of chemicals, we have put our soil and water at risk. If we continue to destroy our environment, then we will eventually destroy ourselves.



Understanding the critical need for an environmentally friendly program that still provides customers with the excellent results they expect, Embassy Landscape Group began an exhaustive search of the available options. After studying the research and seeing results for themselves, they adopted a unique program using live rather than dormant soil amendments formulated to build and maintain a healthy soil biology.  




Embassy’s program is centered on the fact that healthy soil and root systems below ground produce vigorous, beautiful landscapes above ground. Traditional maintenance programs rely on heavy dosing of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)  fertilizers which are known to pollute our above ground and underground water systems. Instead of heavy applications of chemical fertilizers, 40% – 60% of which are not utilized by either turf or plants, Embassy utilizes a 100% organic soil amendment that introduces more than 800 living species of beneficial microorganisms into the soil, each type with a necessary function.


In addition to bacteria that promote growth, fungi that bolster the plant’s natural defense systems and other beneficial microbes, Embassy’s program supplies microbe foods such as gluten, kelp and yucca in order to nourish the microorganism themselves. This creates an ideal habitat for both microorganisms and plants, allowing both to flourish over time.


Finally, Embassy’s earth friendly program includes nutrient enhancers such as Fulvic and Amino Acids,  which stimulate uptake of nutrients by the plants. If the plants can more effectively absorb and process fertilizers, then significantly  less can be applied. In fact, using Embassy’s earth friendly program, over the entire course of a season, only 2 pounds of pure nitrogen per 1,000 square feet are required to maintain a lush, green lawn. Previously, over 5 pounds per  per 1,000 square feet a was a typical application amount. There is no excess fertilizer applied which means that there is less chance that harmful chemicals will reach our water supplies.

rain on grass

Because Embassy’s program promotes a symbiotic relationship between root systems and soil, plants are stronger and more resilient. They have vigorous immune systems and can more effectively defend themselves against insects and diseases. If applications of weed killers or pesticides do become necessary, then Embassy uses the absolute lowest rate at which the chemicals are effective. Applying fewer chemicals reduces any surplus and helps ensure that the ground is safe for our children and pets.


baby on lawn


Under Embassy’s program, root systems become thicker, healthier and more resistant to stress.  As a result, they can access water and nutrients deeper in the soil. Since Embassy’s earth friendly program also aids in water retention, water is used more efficiently, reducing the need for frequent waterings. As the cost of water rises, this becomes an important benefit of the program.



With the environmental challenges facing our planet, it’s reassuring to know that there is a company that values and respects the health and safety of our families, our pets and our wildlife enough to search for products that are earth friendly as well as effective. If you would like more information on Embassy’s earth friendly program, please call Embassy Landscape Group at (816) 436–4194, contact them online at Whether you oversee acres of public turf or just your own private patch of green, Embassy can design a program that's right for you.