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Bloomerang Lilac -- A Must Have For Your Garden



This week’s pick is by Art Hayzlett, Irrigation Service Manager


Bloomerang Lilac


Photo credit: F.D. Richards



If you’re longing for the sweet scent of lilacs all summer long, then the reblooming Bloomerang Lilac could be the answer. At only 4 feet tall, this easy to grow variety is suitable for foundation plantings, hedges, borders, cutting gardens, specimen plantings and containers. It features a strong blooming period in April and May, and if conditions are right, will reward you with periodic pink or purple flowers throughout the rest of the summer.

Bloomerangs prefer full sun and rich, moist soil that is moderately alkaline (ph of 6.5 – 7.2) They will tolerate partial shade, but won’t bloom as profusely. Water Bloomerangs thoroughly during dry spells and lightly mulch them to help keep soil temperatures stable. To encourage reblooming, remove spent flowers and fertilize after the initial wave of blossoms. Do not prune at all from fall until after the initial bloom or you will remove the spring flower buds.

Bloomerang lilacs do tolerate a sometimes difficult urban environment, but need good air circulation to prevent unsightly (but usually harmless) mildew. Deer seem to avoid them, but butterflies and bees are drawn to them.


Zones: 3 – 9