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45 Gifts Gardeners Really Want

By: Sandra Nelson


A few close friends and I were having coffee the other morning when the conversation drifted off to holiday gift-giving and how difficult it can  be to find that exactly “right” gift for the “right” person. We started reminiscing about some of the gifts we have received through the years, usually from our husbands. Some were sweet, some were strange and some were absolutely hilarious.

When we got to describing our best-ever gifts, I immediately thought of the load of mulch that my husband had delivered for me for Mother’s Day one year. It was, in my eyes, the most thoughtful thing he could have given me. I didn’t have to make a dozen trips back and forth to the garden center, I didn’t have to lift 50 pound bags out of the back of my car and it was already there whenever I could squeeze a few hours of garden time out of my schedule.

I do realize that not everyone would think that a huge pile of mulch on the driveway is the perfect gift, but those of us who are gardeners see life just a little differently. So, tonight I compiled a list of gifts that I think are perfect for the gardeners in your life. Who knows, maybe my husband will even see it….


garden tools

  • High quality, ergonomically designed garden tools —  save those wrists and backs
  • Gardener’s tote — carry all the tools at once  (think about filling the tote with the tools from #1)
  • Garden stools — ones with side pockets to hold tools are especially convenient
  • Knee pads or kneelers  —  keeps those rocks from becoming embedded in the knees  
  • Three sets of gardening gloves  — three different weights, lengths and fabrics;  all designed for specific uses
  • All-weather clogs  or boots—  no more everyday shoes ruined by mud puddles
  • Rain gauges and attractive outdoor thermometers — include a promise to install
  • Set of garden tags — styles available for every taste
  • Garden covers  —  protect the tender plants from cold weather and garden marauders
  • New garden cart  ---  replace the old, hard to manage wheelbarrow with a new cart that's easy to manage
  • Classy watering can  —  who says it has to be galvanized aluminum
  • Composting bin with a drum that turns — include a counter top bucket for convenience, especially in winter


potting shed

  • Potting bench with storage bins for soil and amendments
  • Garden shed JUST for the gardener — no sharing!
  • Greenhouse kit  —  gardening can become a four season activity
  • Cold frame  —  if a greenhouse is too much, then a cold frame could be the way to have all-year gardening
  • Raised bed kit  —  eliminate painful bending over by bringing the bed up to a comfortable height



  • Wind chimes — gentle sounds to fill the garden
  • Fire pit — consider a fire and water bowl for a striking combination
  • Fountain/ water feature — to introduce tranquility into your landscape
  • Set of garden lighting —  with professional installation to make it even easier
  • Art piece — either free-standing of wall mounted can create a unique focal point
  • Stylish outdoor furniture — make the patio the go-to space in your home
  • Set of striking outdoor pots — replace those worn, chipped ones
  • Decorative trellises  —  it’s time to change out the tired, old ones that have seen better days



  • Gift certificate to a local garden center — fill all those pots and beds
  • Gift certificate to a mail order catalog — often a source for heirloom varieties not seen anywhere else
  • Subscription to a favorite gardening magazine — buy several individual copies and let the gardener decide
  • Gardening book — either a “how to” or one exploring some of the newest landscaping philosophies
  • Annual pass to an arboretum or botanical garden — a truly all- season gift
  • Fees for a horticultural class  — continuing education courses are often available through local colleges
  • Trip of a lifetime to renowned American gardens — educational and inspirational



  • A butterfly wading pool  —  these beautiful pollinators need a place to rest and quench their thirst
  • A bee hotel  —  native bees will check into a private room, then stay to visit the garden
  • Squirrel proof bird feeders — most gardeners love birds too!
  • A variety of premium bird seed blended for your area — different types of seed brings different types of birds
  • Heated bird bath  —  fresh water is hard to find when the temperature is below freezing


  • Gift certificate for professional landscape design — the entire yard or a new feature area
  • Green wall structure —create a unique feature either indoors or outside 
  • Specimen tree — either evergreen or deciduous  (read our previous blogs for ideas)
  • A year of  Maintenance by Embassy Landscape Group  — lawn maintenance and seasonal color included



  • Indoor herb garden  —  imagine how much better meals will taste seasoned with fresh herbs 
  • Seed-starting equipment  —  an opportunity to have a garden designed around your own favorites, not the local grower’s choices
  • Seed-saver kit  —  a much easier way to store those precious seeds from one season to the next
  • Terrariums  —  bring a piece of the outdoors into your living area