Anchor of the Landscape — Evergreens

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Have you ever seen the hilarious Abbott and Costello sketch Who’s on First?”   Over the Thanksgiving weekend I happened to overhear (Ok, I was eavesdropping; it was too funny to miss) a conversation that immediately reminded me of the sketch. A relatively harassed sounding salesperson was trying to explain to a very confused woman the …

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Plants for the Winter Landscape

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Creating a landscape that flows effortlessly through all four seasons takes intentional thought and planning. Unlike other building tasks that require a specific order, designing a year round landscape can be approached in numerous ways. The common thought is that the spring and summer gardens are designed first since those are the seasons that people …

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“Fallin” for ShadeTrees

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I was out working in the yard the other day when one of the neighbors from down the street stopped by to chat. The conversation quickly turned into some mild grousing by my neighbor about having to deal with “all these blasted trees and their leaves.” Since our houses are built next to a large …

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Creating a Sanctuary For the Birds (And You!)

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  Growing up, the lawn, especially in the front of the house, was my father’s pride and joy.  He spent hours and probably a small fortune coddling his grass.  Every blade was cherished; it got exactly the right amount of fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide and water. It was mowed, edged and raked profusely. No leaf ever …

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Native Plants Are For the Birds!

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    My grandson is an active, curious and “helpful” three-year-old. On Monday of this past week he decided to help me by filling our empty birdfeeders with my 20 pound bag of black oil sunflower seed. Somehow he managed to undo the bungee cords that held the trash can lid on (to keep critters …

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Goldenrain Tree

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WOODY – GOLDENRAIN TREE (Koelreuteria paniculata).  There are not many trees with such spectacular flowers as goldenrain tree this time of year.  Goldenrain trees have a storied history in American filmdom: think Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift, Lee Marvin, Eva Marie Saint, the Civil War, and the mysterious tree discoverable only via a trek to the …

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Landscape Improvement Award

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We are very honored to receive an award from MAGICouncil.  Embassy won the award for Landscape Improvement – Commercial Design/Build.  Our team performed a great job at East Hills Mall, installing plants, perennials, trees and seasonal color. MAGICouncil was formed in 1987 to help lawn and landscape professionals provide education for ourselves and the general …

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Commercial Design/Build Landscaping in Kansas City

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Why work with Embassy Landscape Group as your Design/Build Landscape company? Dynamic team of professionals Improved Design Improved Quality Long Term partnerships Customer Experience Embassy prides itself on being the best full-service Commercial Landscape Design/Build Company in the greater Kansas City area.  Working with clients in such areas as multi-family, office complexes, shopping centers and …

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