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Commercial Water Management

Irrigation Design
& Installation

irrigation design
Irrigation design is a specialized profession that requires a knowledge of both hydrology and plant science. Our experienced irrigation design staff is fully equipped with computer-aided design tools to accurately design your system and to ensure the optimal application of water in the landscape. Embassy’s design services also include preparation of As-Built drawings on completion of your project.
Our crews take care to minimize damage to your turf and shrub beds. They are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that guarantees an efficient and precise installation.

Irrigation Upgrades,
Repair & Evaluation

Aging irrigation systems need periodic updates to stay functional and to avoid costly water resource waste. Embassy’s irrigation specialists can design and recommend equipment upgrades to help save you money and protect your landscape.
We also offer complete repair services for your irrigation system. Whether it's a leaky pipe or a broken head, we have trained technicians that can get your sprinklers back in operation. We provide system checks and evaluation on a scheduled rotation throughout the growing season to monitor operation and to help avoid system failure at critical times of the year.



Smart Controllers and Monitors

We have been installing and managing water in the landscape for decades. Now, with current advancements in technology, a better understanding of how plants use water and the increasing costs of water, we have even more efficient irrigation systems than before, featuring smart controllers and components that use less water and save you money. Our technicians can monitor your landscape remotely, adjusting watering run times and identifying system malfunctions.

Irrigation drainage


Poor drainage can ruin a landscape and create safety hazards. Our design team helps to evaluate the cause of the drainage problems and recommend ways to correct them. We may refer you to a civil engineer to provide additional expertise if your problems are complex or involve basement water issues. Our services include:

  • Site drainage and grading plans
  • Grading
  • Drain tile installation
  • French drains