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Snow & Ice Control

Snow removal

Snow Removal is a critical part of protecting  your property and making your business accessible during the winter months. Embassy is the Kansas City area's premier choice for getting the job done - safely and efficiently. We provide snow removal services to shopping centers, businesses, hotels, apartments, condominiums, parking lots, institutions, parking lots and more. 

We are fast, accessible and on-call 24/7 to assist you with snow and ice issues. We offer a variety of options for solving your snow removal needs, from one-time emergency jobs to full-season winter maintenance contracts.

  • Sidewalk clearing
  • Lot clearing

Ice Control

We offer a full range of deicing methods to keep your property safe all winter long. We track each incoming storm and plan accordingly based on the precipitation types and additional factors like air and pavement temperatures. We monitor each property throughout an event to make sure it is safe and accessible for your customers and employees.

Types of Ice Treatments

  • Ice melting
  • Rock salt
  • Liquid brine de-icer