What Are Your True Colors? Part 1:  Color Schemes

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I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my outlook on life is directly tied to the amount of time I spend outdoors working or playing or just relaxing in my yard. I used to think it was time in the sunshine that made me feel better — Vitamin D, you know — …

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Understanding Color in the Garden

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We have overcast, grey skies and snow again. The few, bright yellow daffodils that were blooming are completely bent over with their heads in the snow and the purple pansies I just planted are totally buried. I’m tired of the bleakness; I need color! If you stop and think about it, the role that color …

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The Best of the Best: Perennial Plants for Rain Gardens

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For the last few weeks we have had almost nonstop grey, rainy days. It’s been unpleasant weather (although nothing to compare to what both coasts have experienced!), but it has also had its benefits. We definitely needed the moisture; much of the state has been just one small step away from drought conditions for a …

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The Best of the Best — New Varieties for a Butterfly Garden

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I love spring! I love hearing the birds sing in the early morning, seeing the crocus and daffodils emerge and feeling the warm sun as I venture out to my yard. I love the anticipation of what I will accomplish in the coming months. And I love deciding which of the dozens of new plants …

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Grow Your Perfect Herb Garden

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Over the past few years I have started using fresh herbs in the summertime instead of relying on store bought dried ones that never seemed to have quite the same flavor boost. It’s also been very satisfying to be able to step outside to my kitchen garden and clip a few sprigs from plants that …

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Conquering Critters in the Garden – Part 2: Deer

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When we lived at the lake, I was used to dealing with wildlife, especially deer. We had a home situated in the middle of their natural habitat so it only seemed fair that they shared in my garden bounty. (Of course the fact that my neighbor consistently set out salt licks didn’t help the situation …

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Conquering Critters in the Garden – Part 1: Groundhogs

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Last Friday was Groundhog Day. Normally, that particular day doesn’t even register with me until I hear a news reporter talk about Punxsutawney Phil and his shadow (or lack of). This year is different. This year just hearing the word groundhog sets my blood boiling. For the past 25 years I have been unable to …

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