Sweetbay Magnolia — A Must Have For The Garden

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By Sandra Nelson     This week’s pick is by Karl Hying, Landscape Designer   Sweetbay Magnolia   “The Sweetbay Magnolia, with its wonderful fragrance, blooms late May into June, long after other magnolias are done.”     Elegant is the word of choice to describe this fragrant beauty. A striking alternative for a unique …

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Gomphrena globosa — A Must Have For Your Garden

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  By Sandra Nelson       This week’s pick by Jo Ann Prieto, horticulturist and seasonal color specialist.   Gomphrena globosa   “An interesting plant in masses, in pots it gives a nice structural interest to the pots.”     Providing a burst of blooms from summer until frost, globe amaranth is a hardy, …

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Echinacea  — Sombrero Series: A Must Have For Your Landscape

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    By Sandra Nelson The seed catalogs have begun to appear in my mailbox, which always gets me dreaming about the multitudes of plants  — both new varieties and old favorites — that I want to add to my landscape. With so many to choose from though, it’s difficult to narrow down the list …

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What’s in Bloom Today?

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Lagerstroemia indica, better known as Crape Myrtle, is bursting into bloom here in Kansas City.       Grown as a  4 – 6 foot upright, multi-stemmed deciduous shrub here in the Midwest, Crape Myrtles sport gorgeous rose, red, purple or white colored blooms typically beginning in July and continuing through September. In milder years however, …

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Digging into Dirt, Part 2: What Kind Is It?

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If I were a soil scientist (and that does take a huge stretch of your imagination), I would be presenting you with a list showing the taxonomy of 12 different soils, all having totally unfamiliar and unpronounceable names. Each soil group would be determined by one or two major characteristics chosen for how the soil …

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