Who’s Showing Off Today?

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Truly a wintertime beauty, Little Bluestem adds appealing color and form to the sometimes bleak winter months.     Native to prairies across the continent, Little Bluestem is easy to grow in well-drained, full sun locations. It does well in a variety of soil types, including dry, shallow, rocky or even clay soils.Typically growing to …

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Plants for Your Shade Garden

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  Selecting the right plant for your shade garden can be a challenging task, especially if you are new to shade gardening. To get you started, Dan Nelson, lead designer at Embassy Landscape Group, has shared ten of his favorite shade plants with us.     To make the choices even easier, we have divided …

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What’s Your Style?

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  Designing a shade garden that is inviting and interesting throughout the entire year takes serious research and planning. As we have previously discussed, you have to thoroughly understand everything about your site  — everything from its ecoregion and soil, climate and native plant communities to the specific types of shade and their locations. Once …

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