Celandine Poppy: A Must Have For Your Garden

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By Sandra Nelson   This week’s pick by Sandra Nelson,  Blog Writer   Celandine Poppy   The perfect plant to brighten up a dark corner of the yard.     Anything from dappled sunlight to deep shade suits this luminescent native wildflower! The Celandine Poppy, or commonly called  wood poppy, blooms profusely from early April until the …

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Plant A Patch: Celandine Poppy — (Stylophorum diphyllum)

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  The celandine poppy, or wood poppy,  is a lessor known native perennial perfect for humus-rich shady rain gardens.  This low growing spring bloomer features generous clusters of bright yellow blooms standing above its blue-green foliage. It naturalizes well by self-seeding, but will go dormant in overly dry weather.    

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