Great Companions

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By Sandra Nelson   My daughter FaceTimed me the other day. She wanted me to see a plant and tell her what would look good with it in her garden. I gave her a few suggestions, but the conversation really got me thinking. I don’t know how many times I have stood in a garden …

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Doublefile Viburnum: A Must Have For Your Garden

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Featured image by David J Stang By Sandra Nelson    This week’s pick is by Dan Nelson, Lead Designer at Embassy Landscape Group   Doublefile Viburnum   Reminiscent of a dogwood tree, the doublefile virburnum, “Mariesii” is a true spring beauty.     Like so many of the old-fashioned favorites, doublefile viburnum is staging a …

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Ornamental Millet — A Must Have For The Garden

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By Sandra Nelson This week’s pick is by Sandra Nelson,  Blog Writer   Ornamental Millet   “The vibrant color and  strong structure are hard to beat, but watching dozens of goldfinches vying to devour the seed heads in the fall is enchanting.”           What began as one of the world’s oldest …

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Who’s Showing Off Today?

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  Impressive 6 to 8 foot arching stems topped by feathery silver blooms makes Maiden Grass a wintertime favorite.     Easily grown in a wide range of soil types (from sandy soil to heavy clay), this ornamental grass prefers full sun and moderate moisture. It’s clump formation expands slowly by rhizomes, but it can self-seed …

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Plant A Grove: American highbush-cranberry (Viburnum trilobum)

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          Spectacular as a stand alone shrub or massed as a backdrop to a border, the American highbush-cranberry gives four seasons of interest to the garden. This large deciduous shrub (8+ feet) prefers full sun, but will also thrive in partial shade as long as it is planted in evenly moist, …

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Plant A Patch: Possum-haw holly (Ilex decidua)

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  A relation to last week’s selection, Possum-haw holly is a native, deciduous shrub especially known for its bright red berries throughout the fall and winter seasons. Like its evergreen relative, Possum haw holly prefers a full sun location, but will tolerate partial shade. It does well in moist but well drained locations so can …

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30 Great Gifts for Gardeners

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A few close friends and I were having coffee the other morning when the conversation drifted off to holiday gift-giving and how difficult it can sometimes be to find that exactly “right” gift for the “right” person. We started reminiscing about some of the gifts we have received through the years, usually from our husbands. …

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Creating a Sanctuary For the Birds (And You!)

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  Growing up, the lawn, especially in the front of the house, was my father’s pride and joy.  He spent hours and probably a small fortune coddling his grass.  Every blade was cherished; it got exactly the right amount of fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide and water. It was mowed, edged and raked profusely. No leaf ever …

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Native Plants Are For the Birds!

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    My grandson is an active, curious and “helpful” three-year-old. On Monday of this past week he decided to help me by filling our empty birdfeeders with my 20 pound bag of black oil sunflower seed. Somehow he managed to undo the bungee cords that held the trash can lid on (to keep critters …

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