Green Spaces for Cities — Part 1

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  Perspectives change over time, don’t they?   We were on I -90 headed to Chicago’s Union Station when I glanced out the window and noticed the downtown skyline. Ten years ago I would have commented on how exciting it was to see all of the sleek buildings dominating the landscape. This time the view made… Read more »

What’s In Bloom Today?

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Allium “Millenium” is currently a show stopper in the August garden.       Just when other blooms in the garden are beginning to look summer worn, this allium variety begins to shine. Unlike its spring blooming cousins, this hybrid ornamental allium stands only 12 to 18 inches tall and blooms beginning in July and… Read more »

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This week I have the privilege of attending the National Symposium for the Perennial Plant Association in Chicago, Illinois where I’m learning so many new and exciting ideas that I can’t to share with you in the coming weeks. Have a great week!  See you next time.