Waging War on Critters — Raccoons and Groundhogs Beware!

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By Sandra Nelson   Last year I battled groundhogs and squirrels for control of my yard. (It was a draw; neither side took complete control.) This year, they have added another ally to their side  —  a pair of devious raccoons. On the surface, they appear innocent, almost disarmingly cute with their black face masks …

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The Best Flowers For A Hummingbird Garden

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By Sandra Nelson   While a great design is the first step to a hummin’ garden (See last week’s post for design tips), the plants that you chose can actually make it or break it. Hummingbirds, like many bees and butterflies, have some fairly specific preferences when it comes to their food sources. Keeping these characteristics …

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Siberian Bugloss: A Must Have For Your Garden

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By Sandra Nelson Siberian bugloss   Finding attractive, well-behaved plants for moist, full- shade locations can be tricky, but Siberian bugloss (Brunnera) could be your answer.  This easy to grow groundcover thrives in areas that receive as few as 4 hours of sunlight per day. It loves rich, moist soil, but once established, will tolerate …

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Great Companions

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By Sandra Nelson   My daughter FaceTimed me the other day. She wanted me to see a plant and tell her what would look good with it in her garden. I gave her a few suggestions, but the conversation really got me thinking. I don’t know how many times I have stood in a garden …

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New Jersey Tea: A Must Have For Your Garden

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(Photo Credit:  JohnOyston) By Sandra Nelson   This week’s pick by Sandra Nelson,   New Jersey Tea       Picture masses of gorgeous,  pure white flowers hosting visits from dozens of brightly colored butterflies and a delicate fragrance filling the air. Even better, picture that idyllic scene on the rocky hillside in your yard where …

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Doublefile Viburnum: A Must Have For Your Garden

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Featured image by David J Stang By Sandra Nelson    This week’s pick is by Dan Nelson, Lead Designer at Embassy Landscape Group   Doublefile Viburnum   Reminiscent of a dogwood tree, the doublefile virburnum, “Mariesii” is a true spring beauty.     Like so many of the old-fashioned favorites, doublefile viburnum is staging a …

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Victory Gardens — Pandemic Style

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By Sandra Nelson     Being in shelter-in-place throughout April has given me lots of extra time to read online news articles. I’ve noticed two problems dominating our daily lives: 1) The vast majority of American parents seem to be overwhelmed by homeschooling and online learning; and 2) Backyard vegetable gardens are being acknowledged as …

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