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WOODY – GOLDENRAIN TREE (Koelreuteria paniculata).  There are not many trees with such spectacular flowers as goldenrain tree this time of year.  Goldenrain trees have a storied history in American filmdom: think Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift, Lee Marvin, Eva Marie Saint, the Civil War, and the mysterious tree discoverable only via a trek to the Indiana swamps of the movie “Raintree County” (Trekkie alert:  DeForrest Kelley plays a minor role in the movie).

Golden Rain Tree Kansas City Landscaping - Embassy Landscape Group Goldenrain tree is a small to medium tree, growing to 25 – 30′, with a rounded crown.  It has compound leaves and an attractive canopy, but the real feature is the upright panicles of golden flowers that cover the tree for several weeks in early to midsummer.  The light green papery, bladder-like fruits that follow are interesting at first, and as they change to orange or pink, but then are less attractive later in the season as they turn brown.  In southern states such as Florida seed production and germination is high and this Asian native tree has become an issue with invasiveness there.  Here, Goldenrain trees provide a spectacular summer-flowering addition to the landscape.  It is highly adaptable to various soil types. Goldenrain tree grows best in full-sun.

Goldenrain Tree in Landscape

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We are very honored to receive an award from MAGICouncil.  Embassy won the award for Landscape Improvement – Commercial Design/Build.  Our team performed a great job at East Hills Mall, installing plants, perennials, trees and seasonal color.

East Hills Landscaping and MaintenanceMAGICouncil was formed in 1987 to help lawn and landscape professionals provide education for ourselves and the general public.  MAGIC also helps to raise awareness of the environment, economic and lifestyle benefits of landscapes and promote and preserve green spaces.

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Why work with Embassy Landscape Group as your Design/Build Landscape company?

  • Dynamic team of professionals
  • Improved Design
  • Improved Quality
  • Long Term partnerships
  • Customer Experience

Embassy prides itself on being the best full-service Commercial Landscape Design/Build Company in the greater Kansas City area.  Working with clients in such areas as multi-family, office complexes, shopping centers and many more we specialize in creating a sustainable environment for everyone to enjoy.  We have established beautiful landscapes and grown many relationships through our practices and team work throughout Kansas City.

Commercial Design Build Landscaping in Kansas City

Our design team works closely with our clients giving them a hands on approach while providing guidance, concept drawings and a peace of mind.  The merger between our team, install crews and clients mesh together to create a winning landscape at the lowest possible cost within the clients timeframe.

Embassy understands the fundamentals of communication and listening will result in the perfect landscape and outdoor environment for you to enjoy.


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Embassy installs many patios throughout the Kansas City region.  Pavers are a great way to add an extension to your home.  Pavers are a low maintenance material that is extremely durable and can withstand the elements that Kansas City can have.

Kansas City Paver Installation

Embassy’s onsite design team can assist you in Paver color selection, and style.  There are many types of paver stones, like tumbled, random sizes and textures.  Our design team leads Kansas City in making sure your hardscape is cohesive with your homes style.  In the image above you can see how the paver color is very similar to the paint tones of the home.  The red border, known as a soldier course outlines the patio to really define the outdoor space.


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With spring right around the corner, there is much to be done in the landscaping world.  At Embassy Landscape we stay ahead of the curve, and provide our clients with the timely service they need.  Spring is the perfect time to:

  • Edge your tree wells
  • Edge your landscape beds
  • Trim back Rose bushes
  • Put down Pre Emergent in your landscape beds and tree wells

Embassy also does many other spring Maintenance services.  Check out Our Maintenance Services